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Everything You Know So Far About Rick And Morty Season 5

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Rick And Morty is a superhit Netflix series which gained popularity in no time. The relationship between Rick and Morty is of a grandfather and his grandson. Rick Sanchez is a psycho scientist and Morty is his grandson. The show is basically based on how they lead their regular life coping up with the adventures they had to go through in it.

Rick and Morty is an American adult science fiction made with great animation work. The sitcom is a perfect combination of science and comedy. Makers of the show, makers are Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon created it for Cartoon Network. Rick is shown as an alcoholic scientist and his grandson Morty is fourteen years old. Rick has a flying car in which both the men travel to different planets. And they have to go through some adventurous events in their journey. The most interesting thing of the show is the ventures of Smith family, to whom Rick is a guest.

Who All Will Be There In The Cast?

The previous characters will be seen back in the fifth season. Justin Roiland will be giving his voice to Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Greenbobe, Blob Alien and Green Alien. Voice of Chris Parnell will be heard as Jerry Smith’s voice. Spencer Grammer will do the voice over of Summer Smith and Sarah Chalke will be the vocalist of Beth Smith. There are several other characters returning back. In addition, there might also be some new entries about which the showmakers haven’t disclosed yet. But we will inform you about it once the information is out.

When Will Rick And Morty Season 5 Start?

Premier date for Rick and Morty season 5 was supposed to be 26 July 2020. However, it is postponed due to the ongoing pandemic condition. There are a total of 41 episodes completed from the previous four seasons. But the fourth one is still incomplete. Thus, we will have to be patient untill November 2020.

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