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    How Fatal are Motorcycle Accidents?

    Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to serious injuries than motorists in an accident, which is why motorcycle accidents are significantly more fatal than other kinds of traffic collisions. Keep reading to learn why motorcycle accidents are dangerous and how they can be prevented.

    Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Stats

    • In 2020, more than 5000 motorcyclists were involved in fatal accidents.
    • Around 32% of motorcyclists were killed in drunk driving accidents in 2020.
    • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 80% of motorcycle accidents result in death.
    • Around 60% of fatal motorcycle accidents occur in urban areas.

    What Makes Motorcycle Accidents Dangerous?

    According to the King Law Firm, one of the major reasons motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than other traffic accidents is that motorcyclists have little protection from impact. Unlike passengers and drivers of motor vehicles, a motorcyclist is not protected by a metal frame, seat belts, airbags, or other safety features. This means the motorcyclist is vulnerable to suffering fatal injuries in an accident. Motorcyclists can wear a helmet for protection, but it may not be enough to prevent injuries in high-impact collisions. Sometimes, a motorcycle jacket can protect the spine and neck from serious injury.


    Another reason motorcycle accidents are fatal is that motorcycles have sensitive braking and steering systems, which can put motorcyclists at a disadvantage when trying to make a sudden maneuver on the road. When a motorcyclist suddenly applies the brakes, the bike can quickly spin out of control, causing them to lose balance and crash into another vehicle or a nearby object.

    How to Minimize the Risk of Fatal Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

    Here is how you can minimize the risk of fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident:

    Avoid Distractions

    As a motorcyclist, you should avoid taking your hands off the handlebars at any time while driving. Engaging in such behavior, including getting distracted and taking your eyes off the road, could get you involved in a fatal accident. It is important to keep your focus on the road while riding a motorcycle, as motor vehicle drivers can easily miss a motorcycle in their blind spot, which could cause a crash.

    Wear a Helmet

    Traffic laws require motorcyclists to wear helmets; however, some motorcyclists disobey this law. Wearing a helmet provide protection to the head and neck, which are among the body’s most vulnerable parts. According to research, motorcycle helmets can be 37% effective in preventing fatal accidents.

    Regular Maintenance

    Before you take your motorcycle out on the road, it is important to inspect it for any issues, including any broken parts, excessive wear and tear, incorrect fluid levels, and low tire pressure. The motorcycle should also undergo regular maintenance to be in optimum condition for a safe ride.

    Wear Reflective Clothing

    Another requirement for a safe ride is to wear reflective clothing during the night because it increases visibility and attracts the attention of other motorists. This can reduce the possibility of a fatal motorcycle accident.

    Avoid Riding In Inclement Weather Conditions

    Inclement weather conditions can make it difficult for a motorcyclist to control their bike. Ice, rain, and snow can make the roads slippery, reducing tire traction and increasing the risk of a fatal motorcycle collision. Motorcyclists should avoid riding in bad weather when possible.


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