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How to Increase Car Mileage by Adopting These Easy Method, Know Details Here !!!

Whenever we go to buy a car, many questions arise in our mind, in which one of the most important cars is mileage. Do you want to increase the mileage of the car? If yes, then there is no need to put much effort into this. You have to adopt some small habits while driving the car. If you adopt these habits, then your car will start giving about 20% more mileage. Let us tell you 5 easy ways to increase the mileage of the car.

  • Avoid Driving in Short Distances and Heavy Traffic

To increase the car’s mileage, you can avoid jams and crowded places, because whenever you get stuck in a jam, you have to turn the car on and off again and again, which directly affects the mileage. Maintain a balanced speed of the vehicle so that you do not have to press the clutch, brake and accelerator repeatedly during jams. At the same time, try less to use the car for short rides and use it for longer distances.

  • Keep Checking Tire Pressure Every Month

Tire pressure has a direct effect on mileage, so always check the tire pressure of your car. Be sure to check the tire pressure.

  • Get the Car Serviced on Time

It is very important to get the car serviced according to its time limit; getting the servicing done on time, cleaning the engine, dirty engine oil and dirty filter, also keeps the engine healthy and fuel consumption properly. Starts happening.

  • Use Original Engine Oil

Vehicle owners should always use good fuel and engine oil in the car and always use the manufacturer’s engine oil. This increases the mileage as well as the life of the vehicle. Avoid cheap engine oil to save money, as the engine oil recommended by the manufacturer is a bit expensive.

  • Fuel can be Saved from Average Speed

Often we increase the speed of the car whenever an empty road shows us. In such a situation, we should avoid driving the car above 90 km / h because by doing so, the car consumes more fuel. While driving, try to keep the vehicle moving at the same speed. Gently press the accelerator pedal. To avoid falling into a lower gear, do not forcefully press the accelerator at all; lower it one gear with a little effort.


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Anoj Kumar
Anoj Kumar
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