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    Know Honda Upcoming Electric Scooter With Range Of up to 130 KM !!!

    Electric scooters are becoming more popular. Honda recently introduced its electric scooter UGo. This is Honda’s most economical electric scooter. The Honda U-Go electric scooter was launched in China. This electric scooter is priced at 7499 Yuan (roughly Rs 86,000). Yuang Honda, a Chinese subsidiary of Honda, launched the scooter.

    Honda’s Electric Scooter is Available in 2 Sersions

    There are two options for the Honda U-Go electric scooter. The Honda company U-Go electric scooter comes in 2 versions. It has a 1.2kW motor and a maximum output power of 1.8kW. According to the company, its maximum speed is 53 km/h. The standard U-Go electric scooter has a 0.8kW motor that can reach speeds of 45 kmph.

    With an Optional Battery, Range up to 130km

    The Honda U-Go electric scooters come in two versions. They both use a 1.44kWh lithium-ion battery pack that has a range of 65 kilometers. The scooter can travel up to 130km with an optional second battery. The Ola S1 electric scooter, which was recently launched in India, has a range that is 121 kilometers more than the standard model. The Pro model is also available and offers a range of 181km.

    The Honda Scooter Comes with a USB Charging Port

    Honda’s UGo electric scooter now has fantastic features like full LED lighting and an LCD instrument cluster. The LCD instrument cluster displays basic information such as range, battery status, and riding mode. It also features a USB charging port, anti-theft alarm, and a USB charging port. Honda hasn’t yet said if the electric scooter will be launched in India.


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