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    Is it right now you should consider buying a BS6 Diesel Car?

    The price difference between diesel and petrol fuel was high several years back and that meant diesel was the preferred option. Both the vehicle makers sold diesel and consumers enjoyed the high fuel economy plus the reduced operating costs compared to gasoline.

    Then circumstances changed. And the price disparity between petrol and diesel plus the fuel-gate controversy eventually exploded and that tarnished the fuel brand.

    Which followed was a diesel battle and the demand for tougher standards. In India, you’ve had two major changes. With the move from BS4 to BS6 plus in Delhi NCR, diesel car registration is limited to 10 years.

    Despite this diesel car prices have plummeted. And the cost of making it has also forced other car-makers to stop producing diesel entirely because of BS6. Maruti has started making diesel cars and now Volkswagen, Renault, and others.

    Although diesel vehicle sales have plummeted. However, in some ways it still makes sense. And in the future, it will not be outlawed or be going away at any moment. They clarify whether or not owning a diesel vehicle is smart today.

    Is diesel any more polluting than this?

    If BS4 cars or older vehicles considered, then yes, diesel cars far more polluting than petrol cars. However, in a big transition to diesel vehicles, the switch to BS6 has bought with their emissions being much lower and thus new BS6 diesel cars are much cleaner.

    Modern BS6 diesel cars have various modifications to increased their sulfur and nitrogen content. BS6 engines now have a diagnostic on-board and actual driving emission for real-time emission results. Diesel BS6 vehicles have a particulate filter on top of that too.

    Though diesel cars under Rs 10 lakh have gone down with the Tata Altroz being the only diesel hatchback, diesel still rules the roost in terms of bigger sedans and SUVs. Diesel engines have more torque, which also makes sense for heavy/big SUVs.


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