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How to take care of your vehicle 21-day shutdown with Coronavirus

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Car owners have to consider the fact that protective steps to protect your vehicle during this period are highly necessary.

On March 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a national 21-day shutdown and that also means your vehicle will be lying idle all this time. Auto owners have to consider the fact that protective steps to protect your vehicle during this period are highly necessary.

As your vehicles will be in hibernate mode for the next couple of weeks. Here are some tips and tricks you can learn to make sure your ride remains quiet. And in good shape when things get back to normal:

The first and most important thing is to wash your vehicle, and not allow the soil to build up. If your car cleaner does not come, so you can take this action yourself and give your car a thorough clean before putting it in storage. Well clean outside with car shampoo and also offer a strong scrub to the interiors.

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If you have a garage so use it because it would be helpful to have your car parked there for the duration. It is also a safer choice. Because it protects the car and its color. And the vehicle is not vulnerable to heat, rain, and other environmental problems.

Another recommendation is to fill the fuel tank of your car because of no heat. It can be stored within the fuel tank during transport.

When you haven’t been driving your vehicle for several days, your car battery might be the first thing you can’t do. Luckily, new cars don’t have any trouble if you don’t use it for only three weeks. And the battery won’t die out. Either you start the car every couple of days and only drive it for a few meters, or remove the battery if you intend to do so. Otherwise, you can use a trickle pump too.

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