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    Kia Ceed Sportswagon and Xceed models with plug-in info

    Kia announced UK spec information of their first hybrid plug-in models, based on the Ceed Sportswagon and Xceed crossover.

    The Sportswagon PHEV, available to order now, is priced at £ 29,995 in its single 3 trim packages. While the Xceed starts at £ 30,695 with an option of 3 or First Edition trims.

    Deliveries initially supposed to begin this month. But at a later date, the widespread destruction caused by the coronavirus pandemic means Kia will now launch this.

    Both the Xceed and Ceed Sportswagon powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. With an electric motor of 44.5kW and a battery pack of 8.9kWh lithium polymer. Combined outputs are 139bhp and 195 lb-ft torque. Culminating in a 10.5sec 0-62 mph period for the Ceed Sportswagon. And 10.6sec period for the Xover.


    Both mated to an automatic six-speed dual-clutch gearbox instead of the conventional continuously variable transmission (CVT) used in most hybrids. Kia says this allows energy recovery to decrease powertrain losses and provides a more friendly driving experience.

    Combining the latter with regenerative braking that harvests kinetic energy that would otherwise be wasted. Kia promises for the Sportswagon a 37-mile all-electric range and the Xceed 36-miles. Each can power through a 3.3kW AC adapter in about 2hr 15min.

    The Approved fuel economy and CO2 emissions are 201.8mpg and 32g / km for the Xceed plug-in. So, the Ceed Sportswagon fairs are marginally worse with 188.3mpg and 33g / km figures cited.

    All models get slight styling changes to differentiate them from other iterations. Including a closed-off variant of Kia’s ‘tiger-nose’ grille to improve aerodynamic performance. Also available are special tire styles. While from the GT-Line model the Sportswagon gets the more aero-friendly bumpers. Within the left front wing is incorporated the charging port.

    The key improvements inside different tools, updated infotainment features and a charging display on top of the dash. But boot size on both models also reduced. In the Sportswagon, while the rear seats are in service it’s down from 600 to 437 liters. While the Xceed decreases from 426 to 291 liters. Both versions have a dedicated area for charging cable under the boot board.


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