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Is The World Ready For Self-Driven Cars, GM’s Petition For Self Driven Cars Under Review

Coming to the latest news from America’s Automotive giant, yes you guessed it right; here we are talking about the recent talks between the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and General Motors Co.

on the recent petition filed by the company to deploy a limited number of self-driving vehicles on the roads of America, the head of the agency said in the latest interview this Friday.

According to NHTSA Administrator James Owens said that the administration this time is aiming to give a final judgment very soon on the petition filed by the automotive giant GM in January 2018.

So the main aim of concern from the NHTSA authorities is about the safety of automated driving systems which is to be used in vehicles and aircraft, assigned in the petition given by the companies.

USA’s tagged no. 1 automaker recently confirmed that it has been in talks with NHTSA about the petition for a long time and also a start-up company Nuro; which aims for the same cause.

In the last meeting between GM Chief Executive Mary Barra and U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao discussed and invigilated the petition at an advanced level, but also said that significant work is still left at the technical front.

Owens said that NHTSA officials are analyzing each and every point of the petition because they want to make sure they are at least as safe as cars on the roads, which is a must regarding safety concerns.

Owens said during an interview that also included Chao and other Transportation Department officials said, “There’s a lot of back and forth between us and the companies”.

In GM’s petition submitted to the NHTSA reports for the very first time looking at a vehicle in which all driverless decisions are made by a computer software’s algorithms and sensors rather than a human driver.

These cars are not only the next step towards future but also need to be loaded with full-proof safety features.

The main reason for the petition to be in the review is due to the U.S. vehicle safety rules which were written decades ago that assumed human drivers would be in control of a vehicle.


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