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    Kia Motors America Extending Warrants Until 30 June

    For more info, contact your nearest dealership if you have a new Kia.

    Only a couple of days earlier, Hyundai launched a major global program expanding the warranties to about 1.21 million vehicles. With 175 countries around the world. So, today, Kia Motors, a division of the South Korean manufacturer. It is launching a similar plan. Including cars sold in the United States.

    The so-called Kia Pledge warranty kit expands the car factory warranty. The owners of which will not be able to carry them to a dealer for warranty repairs because of the coronavirus epidemic but have expiring warranties. So, the extension will impact cars in the timeframe from March 2020 to May 2020. That we expected to visit the dealership. Both works need to be completed by 30 June 2020.

    These are unpredictable times and the Kia Promise warranty extension plan. It will continue to bring peace of mind to consumers affected by this pandemic. By bringing them one less worry. Kia Motors America chairman Michael Cole remarks.

    The consumer’s and workers ‘health and welfare remain the highest priorities. And this warranty renewal plan is yet another manner in which Kia. And with local Kia dealerships collaborate to meet the individual needs of our consumers.

    Essentially, if you have any questions about your Kia’s warranty replacements especially servicing. Especially if you stay in the US. So it’s better to contact your nearest dealer to review the latest hours. To special services available for your specific model.

    And for Hyundai’s extended warranties. So, the 5-year/60,000-mile new car restricted warranties and 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty in the U.S. can be extended until June 30th, 2020. If they expire between March and June 2020.

    Hyundai expands all warranties for expiring cars in the coronavirus

    Hyundai Motor Corporation expanded its vehicle warranties. Which would expire after the coronavirus crisis. Much better, the automotive warranty extension extends to all Hyundai products globally. Accounting for more than 1.21 million cars in 175 countries according to the company.

    In the U.S., both the 5-year/60,000-mile restricted warranty on new cars and the 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty will be extended. Until June 30th, 2020 if they expire between March and June 2020.



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