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Polestar 3 SUV is going to feel like a stunning model

Despite this year’s Geneva Motor Show postponed. Several automakers took their new vehicles to the internet for the launch. In mid-February, Polestar unveiled the splendid Precept prototype online. Previewing a new visual vocabulary for the company and some additional software (safety-related not much). And now, we know exactly when the bright new vocabulary of architecture. As it will make its debut on a production platform.

According to Maximilian Missoni, Polestar’s Head of Technology. We heard that the stunning style of the Precept design would apply to the Polestar 3. The Precept a roadmap intended not only to display the brand’s new design vocabulary. But also to launch the Polestar 3, mentioned by Missoni.

We already knew the Polestar 3 wasn’t going to be a saloon. But the first SUV of the brand. Missoni reiterates the point during our interview, saying:


The Polestar 3 is not the body form of the Precept-the Polestar 3. It will be an aerodynamic SUV. But it is the concept to train people for the next stage, which is the 3.

Exterior architecture specifics such as the front fascia “SmartZone” of the Precept-basically a translucent panel that houses two radar sensors. And so a high-definition camera-will be transferred to the 3 SUV. We do anticipate translations of items. Such as the new split “Thor’s Hammer” LED headlight housings and the rear light bar. As well as some of the interior techs of the Precept. The design uses a portrait-oriented central monitor measuring 15 inches. And an internal driver monitors measuring 12.5 inches. So, all running Android apps from Google.

So, there are a lot of features you’ll see in upcoming versions. And everything’s going on internally, “Missoni informs us.” I guess the most important thing internally is that we’re collaborating with Google. Google is the provider with the infotainment device. And so voice recognition. We’re bringing this partnership to the next stage.


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