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    Know Everything About Useful Car Driving Tips For Rainy Season !!!

    Useful Car Driving Tips For Rainy Season:

    The rainy season has started in most parts of North India. Extreme care should be taken while driving the car during rain, otherwise, an accident can happen. Today we are telling you how to drive a car in the rainy season.

    Keep these Things in Mind

    • Avoid driving a car if it is raining heavily. Drive-in such condition only when it is very important to work. Visibility drops significantly during the rains, due to which the road is not visible.
    • In the rainy season, the car should be driven at a slow speed. Roads get wet due to water and your car may slip if you apply brakes. To avoid such a situation, drive the car slowly.
    • Turn on the headlight and backlight of the car during rain. During low visibility, your car will be visible to the vehicles coming from behind and ahead.
    • You must use the windshield wiper while driving the car. Many times the raindrops freeze on the glass, due to which the road is not visible clearly. So keep running the wiper to keep the glass clean.
    • Keep a little more distance from vehicles on the road during rain so that you can stop the car comfortably when needed. Keep in mind that heavy brakes should never be applied during rain. This puts the car at risk of slipping.
    • If you have recently learned to drive a car, then you should avoid driving in the rainy season. In this season only people with experience can drive the car safely.
    • If you are driving on broken or rough roads in the rainy season, then keep the speed of the car very slow. Many times, due to the filling of water in the pits, they are not visible and become the cause of the accident.
    • Avoid driving at night during the rainy season. During the night, the road cannot be seen in the rain, which increases the risk of accidents with you. To avoid this, do not drive at night.
    • If you are in any hill area, then in this season you can take help of any local driver there. The drivers there have the idea to drive the car at that place.
    • Before going on any long journey, you must check the tires of your car. Traveling in this season with weak tires can prove to be very dangerous.


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