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    Know Latest Update About Project Roadrunner and Tesla Model S Plaid !!!

    At Auto Freak, we love Tesla’s hot and latest news, and even the cheerful soul, the real-life Robert Drowney Jr, Elon Musk. Maybe, by the time this gets published, it might line up next to more Tesla related posts. But this post is different. We are going to talk about Tesla’s undergoing project, “Project Roadrunner”.

    Project Roadrunner and Tesla Model S Plaid

    The project Roadrunner has been hastened to ramp up in the Tesla’s facility at Kato Road. The on-going project aims of manufacturing battery cells by Tesla, for Tesla vehicles. The electric automakers had been dependent on other sources for powering the Tesla models, but now the things might turn around a bit.

    Recent filings from the company to the City of Fremont indicate that Tesla has a “small-scale” battery manufacturing operation. The factory is making noticeable changes and hiring more workers, such that 100 employees are working at manufacturing and production operations at any given time, all day, every day.

    The details of the Project Roadrunner are minimal, which could excite the netizens and Tesla followers for the Battery Day. The already going on millionth-mile battery speculations have turned all eyes towards Tesla. Better batteries could also help electric vehicles tap into even higher levels of performance. Fortunately, Tesla has a car lined up with such a goal in mind. It was even sent over to the Nurburgring last year, where it set unofficial records before it was brought home to the United States. This means something more powerful and quicker than the Tesla Roadster might be on the pave of the future could be Tesla Model S Plaid.

    The upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid, according to the billionaire, will feature three electric motors that would allow the vehicle to perform even better than the already impressive Raven Model S Performance that’s available today. Interestingly, neither Tesla nor Musk has spoken about the Model S Plaid’s battery.

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