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Latifi believes Williams to be closer to other teams in 2020

Nicholas Latifi is going to have stayed in for several more weeks away from the Formula 1 track and races. The Canadian racer was very surprised. It was very strange for him to travel to Australia, and find that his debut race has been called off due to coronavirus. This was a last-minute decision that startled him.

Just after the news of the cancellation of the match, he was in dilemma. So, he best though it to return to Canada. He thought that the crisis would persist only for a few weeks. But it doesn’t show up to be such a situation now. Now, it is going to be a lot many weeks before he can go to Britain. It will be long before he starts work at Williams again. The 24-year-old racers Latifi, whose father is the wealthy McLaren co-owner Michael Latifi, says he has been keeping his talents and skills sharp by taking part in the online races. He must keep up with the upcoming events. Especially, at the beginning of his career. He is instructed in the same manner by his coach. According to his coach, it will be the best way for him to stimulate the mental conditions of the races.

Many new racers have joined since the new online races begun. Also, there are a lot many players practicing tough offline for the tracks to restart. This is just to keep up with the competitiveness. And our Latifi, is, like others, very keen to get back into action on the real tracks. He too is aware of the talks of the races to take place in Austria in early July. But, he is not sure what is the percentage of surety for them. He is, also aware that they are going for an earlier Canadian GP. Though it will be summer and not winter, the climate is his last troubles, it seems. He is very keen along with Williams to make sure the British team at the end of the grid.

They have seen that in February, they were good in the middle packs with others. Their cars were performing well then. Everyone has worked accordingly, and they have what they needed, the positive results.


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