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    Ferrari made for IndyCar- Andretti

    According to the viewpoints of Mario Andretti, Ferrari should consider entering the Indycar championship. Mario Andretti is one of the legends. He belongs to the top category of American open-wheeler racing. He is among one of the top racers of Formula 1 as well.

    We are aware of the recent talks about reducing the F1 budget cap for 2021. As this discussion intensified, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto suggests the Italian marque could consider racing elsewhere. We should know that 80-year-old Andretti has a son Michael who owns an Indycar team. Andretti believes that having Ferrari would be incredible news for them.

    The 1978 World Champion suggests an all Italian team Vs Ferrari war on the tracks. He considers this a great idea from the viewpoint of amusement. He considers Dallara Vs Ferrari as more of the taste. He is well aware that rules are a must to change. But still, he wants his wishes a great for now. According to him, Ferrari might be interested to go for the championship. Their interest may gt intensified, but rules are obstructing them.

    It makes more sense to him if the Binotto comes and proposes an idea to (series owner) Roger Penske. This will be another news.

    So, keep yourself with us and know about the frequents at the F1 tracks as well. That will be all for today. There is a lot to cover in the upcoming days. so, keep your eyes focused on the site for more updated firms.

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    Furious Mad
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