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    launch delayed for Harley-Davidson PanAmerica and Bronx

    we need to look over a lot of facts. There is much more than expected to go in the automobile industry now, at this time of crisis. The corona crisis lockdown shows up a lot of impact on Bike sales and the companies strategies. The race tracks have gone for spectator fewer ghost races of F1, while some have postponed their launchings. Here is a similar event, but it a necessity to look at it.

    Harley Davidson in its recent notifications has made a new deal. They have postponed the launch of their new adventure bike. Yes, the first adventure vehicles from them, the Pan America and the Bronx street fighter. They both are now in a queue to get launch in 2021.

    These highly expected motorbikes were much expected in this part of the year. They were to be launched under the 2018 ‘More Roads to Harley-Davidson’ strategy. However, now the company has introduced a new strategy of rewiring in this pandemic. This new plan has made it clear to rewire Harley’s engine model operating one. Now, the focus is on profit and not only just the introduction of their brand. And that too, to only a few selected new riders. That is not what they are going for this time.

    Here, we may expect some good from the manufacturers. Thay may make it sure to launch just in time for the riding season. This will be good for their profit as well as the enthusiasm of the drivers will be intact. We may also expect something big from Harley Davidson. They may bring up some high-performance custom models on the market with an electric counterpart following it.

    That will be all for now, but make sure to keep in touch with us. There is a lot to cover on this corona, and the tracks and engines will be the major part of us. I hope you find us updated.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
    Madhav Kumar is a student at BIT Sindri pursuing Electrical Engineering and has great interest in writing and research. He wants to share his experience with more people and also, learn from them.


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