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Lewis Hamilton: Formula 1’s six-time champion absent once again from New Years Honours list 2019

Once again, Lewis Hamilton is absent in the Queen New Year’s Honours list, the much-hoped-for Knighthood name continuing to elude the F1 star.

There was Expectation that Hamilton world title, achieved with Mercedes this season, would eventually put the 34-year-old driver on the shortlist of the ministers that present the Queen each year.

Household names from the world of politics, entertainment and sport – Such as Sir Elton John, Bond film director, Dame Olivia Newton-John Sam Mendes or UK cricket celebrity Ben Stokes – mind up a choice Of over 1,000 individuals recognized for their solutions to the United Kingdom.

After securing his first F1 world hamilton received an OBE in 2008 Championship, but the motorist’s members and fans of the British motorsport community after Hamilton’s tremendous and enduring success in the game have debated at length the possibility of a knighthood.

Ahead of yesterday’s nominations the head of British Motor said that Hamilton’s absence from the New Year’s Honours list would constitute a major oversight.

“I can not Consider anyone more worthy of the recognition than Lewis,” said Richards. “It would be significant supervision if that is not recognized in the new year honours.”

“Lewis is a Lot More remarkable in that he did not come from a privileged background. He and his father worked incredibly difficult to get into karting and up the ladder’s steps.”

“It had been sheer hard graft, not talented to him on a plate. They made That and sacrifice makes his accomplishments even more outstanding.”

“He’s a role model for underprivileged kids in the UK to reveal that anything is possible”.

A Potential knighthood continues to elude Hamilton, who won his sixth Drivers’ F1 world title and helped twice this year, Mercedes maintain a historic world championship.

After sealing his first world title with 14, 34-year-old received an OBE in 2008 but he has failed to make the New Year Honours List since.

Fellow Briton and 2009 world winner Jenson Button is an OBE, while three F1 drivers are made sirs following their various retirements: Jackie Steward, Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham.

Hamilton’s F1 success has seen him become only the second driver in history To win sixth or more world championships, moving him one title shy of Fitting Michael Schumacher record of the seven.


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