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    Lewis Hamilton satisfaction of rebuilding his relationship with his dad Anthony

    Lewis Hamilton declared in an article on websites the satisfaction of rebuilding his relationship with his dad Anthony, a central figure at the life of the F1 star but also the issues.

    Hamilton’s dad and boy have been an inseparable duo at the beginning of this world champion’s profession.

    Anthony Hamilton juggled jobs to make ends meet and encouraged his son’s karting job since Lewis hurried to the big moment and through the ranks of motorsport.

    But the connection fractured, as time passes, stressed by the raised pressures and bets also by Hamilton maturity and freedom of Formula 1.

    Hamilton heads to the season planning to clinch a crown to equal the accomplishment of Michael Schumacher, who made five of the championships between 2004 and 2000 at which Brawn was manager.

    The group resumed their connection if Brawn was group leader there, when Schumacher came out of retirement. Hamilton in 2013 triumphed at Brackley Schumacher.

    Contrast and that places Brawn to compare both motor racing giants that are contemporary .

    “They had been different cars, different eras, different contests,” he insisted. In some instances, he felt that Schumacher and Hamilton were alike.

    “They’re equally hugely gifted in what they do in the auto and those minutes in which they pull something from nowhere,” he clarified.

    “A number of the qualifying laps Lewis has done have abandoned the group . Michael was exactly the same. There are occasionally.


    “Lewis is exceptionally professional, committed and dedicated,” he added. “However, Michael had an intensity of detail toward the auto which Lewis does not require.

    “Michael came up in an age where there was not the technology there’s now. Data analysis was primitive. A driver gets out of their vehicle and the engineer comes with an investigation of the behavior of the car .

    “When I initially worked with Michael we had a sheet with all the corner amounts on and he needed to explain where he’d under-steer or over-steer, then we’d then analyze that!”

    It is not surprising the previous times that Brawn favors. Since moving to the sport’s control level, he has been looking for methods of revising regulations and the principles to revive the degree.

    “These cars right now are dreadful aerodynamically whenever they get near each other,” he said.

    “They have various pieces that fall off when they appear at each other. That is not a racing automobile.

    “You do not need a tank, however, you really do need something that’s strong enough to race correctly. And we’ve lost that.”

    And Brawn is convinced that the problem in getting all ten teams to agree on executing the game’s commercial rights holders Liberty, as well as every shift together with the FIA, has been one of the stumbling blocks to obtaining F1.

    “We’re moving away from the unanimity that has consistently blocked anything occurring,” he explained. “It’s been counterproductive.

    “We’re moving out of the stiff, locked scenario where things can not change even when they’re incorrect.

    “Developing F1 isn’t only sporting or technical regulations, it is financial regulations as well as also the governance,” he added.


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