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    Lewis Hamilton Urges the World to Move to Vegan Diet After Australian Bush Fires Disaster Read More

    It’s a well-established fact that Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is a firm supporter of veganism.

    So, he uses every chance to attempt to convince his fans to adopt a diet.
    Earlier this year Australia was rocked by’catastrophic’ bushfires and parts of the continent of.

    So, he pleaded to not only aid in Australia’s efforts to recuperate, by going vegan, but to save the environment.

    The Mercedes driver pressures to save the environment and regularly uses his system.

    In the aftermath of the devastation, he expressed his sympathy for everyone in Australia and then posted a series of stories concerning the effects of animal agriculture on the environment.

    “Grazing livestock is responsible for 54 percent of Australia’s land usage.
    Urban usage is significantly less than 0.18 percent.
    Eight percent is conservation,” read one post, which credited the Australian Government, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

    How is Lewis Hamilton helping with the Circumstance?

    Lewis Hamilton referred to an Oxford University research that encouraged the vegan diet and its impact.

    According to it, the diet is supposed to be the best approach.

    It affects, not only greenhouse gases, but also acidification, eutrophication, land use, and water usage.

    The likes of Daniel Ricciardo and celebrities pleaded about the plight of Australia.
    They made sure to donate to charities to help tackle the flames.

    The situation in Australia is so dire that it is thought that over one billion animals are feared dead from the blazes.

    Inferno has also ravaged over 2,000 homes, and over 30,000 square kilometers, across New South Wales and Victoria killing an estimated 27 people.

    In reaction to the disaster, a fundraiser was put up to assist those affected.

    Reportedly, it raised more than 20 million Australian dollars in 48 hours to help tackle the fire.



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