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    Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Should Know

    Log Horizon is an anime series that is originally from Japan. The Satellite Studios have made this series. The first Season of this series published in 2014. Ever since that time, the series has gained global appreciation all over the world. The series was revived again for a second season. The next season of this show was released in 2015. The show is initially based on a novel written by Mamare Touno. The novel was adapted as a manga series.

    When Is It Going to Release, Any Release Date?

    The first season premiered in 2014, season 02 in 2015, however, the next Season took decades. The delay is due to Mamare Touno, author of the light books, he was home arrested for bill evasion. But, all of the issues are cleared now and everything is prepared for another season.

    They announced that season 03 is publishing this season in October. There is not any specific date given. We have to wait around for it.

    Log Horizon Season 3: Plot

    The third season of this show is set to keep its plot from where it ended in the previous season. In the previous season, we can see Shiroe being fearful of interacting. He needs to interact if he wants to survive in the world of monsters. The forthcoming season will observe the entrance of Tenwazawai, a new creature. His entrance is defined as the beginning of this animosity between the East and West empires. This would lead to again in the tension that exists from the Round Table Alliance. This alliance was set up to keep peace in Akiba.

    Oh, Yeah!! The Voices, the Cast, Yes, I’m Coming to This Point

    The voices you adored in the preceding seasons will give you a chance to enjoy them. Yes, all the former voices will return.

    The Details Are Below:

    • Akatsuki by Jad Saxton/Emiri Kato
    • Nyanta by Jovan Jackson/Joji Nakata
    • Marielle by Maggie
    • Flecknoe/ Yumi Hara
    • Shiroe by Mike Yager/ Takuma Terashima
    • Naotsugu by Andrew Love/ Tomoaki Maeno
    • Henrietta by Shelly Calene-Black/Ayahi Takagaki

    And Other Characters Also Having Their Previous Voices.


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