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    Lost in Space Season 3 : Plot, Release Date, Cast And Trailer

    Most sci-fi fans will be aware of the 1965 series, Missing in Space that was based on the famed 19th-century book, The Swiss Family Robinson. The 2018 series, similarly titled Lost in Space is a reimagining of the two of these works of entertainment mentioned previously.

    The show has been operating for 2 seasons now, together with the 2nd newest season having been released during December 2019. Now the major question fans are interested in is will there be a third time?

    Here’s what we know so far!

    Release Date

    Though the Release Date has not been announced as of yet, some speculations have been made regarding when the last season of this show would be released. Reports suggest that the 3rd season would be available on Netflix sometime by the ending of 2020.

    But due to the epidemic COVID-19, the majority of the work was halted. Hence, there will be an unknown amount of delay in the release date.


    The whole show revolves around the Robinson Family. Hence they’d surely be back in the Cast to play their role. The Cast would be as follows:
    Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson
    Toby Stephens as John Robinson
    Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson
    Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson
    Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson
    There will undoubtedly be more personalities in the new year, but none of them have been announced as of yet.


    Nothing was revealed regarding plot details, and it is all closely under wraps. However, this can’t stop us from creating speculations.

    Some fan theories on Reddit believe that the whole family could end up together again. Or it’s also very likely that they might find themselves going separate ways and meet up decades later.


    Everything will be verified once we have a trailer on our hands! And we will bring you the latest updates!


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