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    Lucid Air Car to Offer Driver-Assist Technology !!!

    The new Air luxury electric Sedan from Lucid motor shall be equipped with a driver assistance system. The new car shall be coming in early 2021, as notified by Lucid Motors. The competition will be tough between the lucid air and the Tesla Model S. They both will be coming with a standard similar to each other. The lucid air from lucid Motors, we’ll be featuring an adaptive cruise control plane centering automatic emergency brakes. There is also automated parking available. It is also the first production vehicle to come with a standard laser-based sensor to detect obstacles. This is not in the tesla models.

    As per Tesla CEO, Elon Musk did not need other senses. Their main focus on camera Android, and it is sufficient for them to object detection. This best suits their semi-automated autopilot mode he also describes the use of a leader very costly and describes it as a Fool’s errand.

    This is different than the general motors’ super crew system, which comes in some of the Cadillacs. The lucid heirs New dream driver assistance system is not one of those hands-free driving. There are more chances of advanced features, but in the future, not initially. Talking of the major investors, lucid is sponsor by Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund. There is an investment of 1 billion dollars in silicon valley startup from them. Coming to the production section, the lucid air shall see production in a new plant somewhere in casa Grande and, erase which is somewhere between phoenix and Taxane.

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