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    Many Companies Including TVS Motors Have Reduced The Prices Of Their E-Scooters By Up To Rs 18,000.

    The central government is continuously encouraging the manufacture, sale and use of electric vehicles (e-Vehicles). In this episode, the subsidy on electric two-wheelers has been increased to 50 percent under the Faster Adaptation and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India (FAME-II) scheme. After this, now the country’s leading electric scooter manufacturing company TVS Motors, Ampere and Ather Energy have reduced the prices of their e-scooters. Actually, the customers buying electric scooters will get the direct benefit of the changes made in Fame-2.

    The central government has increased the subsidy of Rs 10,000 per KWH per vehicle to Rs 15,000 for two-wheeler electric manufacturers. Also, now the incentive for electric two-wheelers has been increased from 20 percent to 40 percent of the cost of the vehicles. With these steps of the central government, companies will be encouraged to make electric vehicles on one hand and on the other hand customers will have to spend less money to buy them. Let us know which company has cut the price of its e-scooter by how much.

    TVS Motor iQube Price

    TVS Motor iQube

    The prices of TVS Motor iQube electric scooter have been cut by Rs 11,250. After the subsidy received in FAME-II, the company has reduced the prices. The price of the latest version of iQube in Delhi was earlier Rs 1,12,027, which has now come down to Rs 1,00,777. Earlier it was selling for Rs 1,21,756 in Bangalore and now its new price has gone up to Rs 1,10,506. This is its onroad price.

    Ather 450X Price Cut

    Ather 450X Price Cut

    Ather Energy has reduced the price of its scooter Ather 450X by about Rs 14,500. The new ex-showroom price of Ather 450X from Bangalore-based company is Rs 1,44,500. At the same time, its price in Delhi has come down to Rs 1,32,426. The company has also reduced the price of its second e-scooter 450 Plus. With this, the new ex-showroom price of 450 Plus in Bangalore has gone up to Rs 1,25,490, while in the national capital it will be available for Rs 1,33,416.

    Okinawa Slashes Prices

    Okinawa Slashes Prices

    Electric two-wheeler company Okinawa Autotech has cut the prices of its e-scooters from Rs 7,209 to Rs 17,892. The company said that it has cut its entire product portfolio. The company’s Praise + electric scooter was earlier priced at Rs 1,17,600, which has now come down to Rs 99,708. Apart from this, the price of Praise Pro has been cut by Rs 7,947. After this, the new price of this scooter has gone up to Rs 76,848, which was earlier Rs 84,795.


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