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Mercedes to debut Formula 1 MGU-H tech in AMG road Cars

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Now, it is time for the latest innovation to come out from Formula 1 sports to the road hit. Yes, we are hitting for MGU-H, one of the most complex devices of F1 coming to regular cars. For the first time, Mercedes is going to adopt this technology for its Mercedes AMG supercars. And it will be a future production model.

The MGU-H is a Motor generator Unit-heat- a device that can recover or store energy from or to, turbocharger in an f1 car, but only till now. It makes use of the gases in spinning turbocharger”s turbine to produce electricity. It first came for the current generation of 1.6 liter V6 power units. T landed in F1 in 2014. And now, the same is going to find a way to the road with Mercedes-AMG models. The new form of innovation is going to be called “ the electric exhaust gas turbocharger”. And it will be developed together with turbo manufacturer Garrett Motion.

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Mercedes AMG CEO Tobias Moers says that they have defined their future well, especially in the field of electric cars. And in order to reach them and fulfill them, they will rely on discrete and highly innovative materials and assemblies. They are strategically supplementing their modular technology with this move. This will help them tailor their performance requirements.


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