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    Mini Cooper Se

    Mini Cooper comes out with a fantastic new version of Mini Cooper Se.  This electrified car gives out excellent performance with a great outlook.

    The car gives you the best battery life, which can run 235-270  km on a full charge. Some reports say that the EPA  range is so less than   114 miles per charge. The Us pricing of this car is $35,000-$38,000. This car best suits to travel in urban regions.

    The cooper comes with the hatchback body resembling the design of the 2014 mini models.  Drive train is sourced from the 2013 BMW i3 series. Mini cooper needs to get upgraded in these aspects.

    The Mini has given a chance for a dozen auto writers and editors to sample the new car on the 1.5-mile track at the Formula E Race after the professional racing. This gave a bright idea to analyze the various accelerated rates. It suits best with the busy city roads.

    Mini Cooper Se comprises of many better features compared to its German sibling. It is designed with alloy wheels which have been placed for all the Mini electric cars. The car comes with a bright yellow body accent on the front grills. The interior is based on the conventional system, equipped with a circular infotainment system.  The cabin is as same as the standard cooper models except for yellow headlights to symbolize electric power terrain.

    The electric motor develops 184 bhp and 270 Nm of peak torque. Cooper Se takes 3.9 seconds to reach 60 kmph from zero and 7.3 seconds to reach 0-100 kmph.

    This lithium-ion 32.6 kWh, WLTP cycle based battery provides you a wide range of 235-270 km. It needs to improvise this feature to compete with Nissan and BMW electric cars.

    The mini 2020 Se comes with four driving modes, two-zone automatic climate control, a 6.5-inch infotainment system with auxiliary heating.

    It utilizes the Type 2 and CCS Combo 2 plugs for Ac and Dc charging. It takes 50 minutes to get a  fast charge of 80%. BMW upholds the competition by providing the exact charge in just 35 minutes.

    The company says that 40,000 people are interested in this new model. This German manufacturer will launch this latest model in 2020 with an estimated amount of Rs 24.59 lakhs.

    Danya Bathala
    Danya Bathala
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