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    Nawa’s Sleek New Electric Racer Could Supercharge the Market

    Its ultracapacitor technology, which amps up functionality and scope, is meant to incorporate with existing layouts.

    The coming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas–from January 7 through 10–will probably observe the public introduction of this Nawa Racer–an electrical bike notion that unites a conventional lithium-ion battery pack having an ultracapacitor that will boost performance and range to levels many gas-powered cycles struggle to achieve.

    Firm Nawa Technologies accounts for its Nawa Racer, a racer made to show off the ultracapacitor system of Nawa. But instead, than Nawa being a motorcycle manufacturer the organization intends because of its technology to be integrated into layouts.

    The technology opens up the hybrid for bike propulsion also works by supplementing the electricity on offer in the lithium setup –at the notion’s case, a comparatively compact 9kW/h unit generating 100 hp–using a 0.1 kW/h ultracapacitor referred to as the NawaCap, mounted along with the battery unit at the area a traditional bike’s gas tank could sit. Electricity is converted to movement by the hubless system.

    It is at city riding, where the setup of Nawa functions at an optimum degree. The business maintains its ultracapacitor captures up to 90% of the electricity expelled through braking and puts straight that ready for the next burst of acceleration. In contrast, a battery can reuse roughly 20 to 30% of the braking regen.

    The ultracapacitor provides the Nawa Racer a claimed range of 186 miles (300 kilometers ) from the 9kW/h battery device, compared to approximately 80 miles that may reasonably be anticipated from a power component of the dimension, sans ultracapacitor. The business asserts the NawaCap could be recharged using the lithium battery package, in two minutes. The advantage in the automobile range that is projected is a result of the capability to catch the regenerative braking than a battery pack of the ultracapacitor.


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