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    No Space for Vettel in 2021 in Racing Point, says Szafnauer.

    While we are debating upon the next team for Vettel, we can proceed by striking off some names from the list. Now, it is no from both, Red Bull, as notified last Friday, and now it is the no from Racing Point,s boss Otmar Szafnauer. He clearly brushes off his shoulder on reports that Ferrari driver can join them on leaving Scuderia in 2021. Some even state that Racing Points upcoming better performances, and its rebrand to Aston Martin Racing in 2021, these events may coincide perfectly with Vettel’s split.

    But when came in the question of chances of his incoming instead of Perez or Stroll, he was amused. He says it’s flattering that everyone thinks a four-time world champion should come to their team. And they consider this an option because the car’s a bit quicker now. He mentions that Perez lasts till 2022 with his contract, while for Stroll, and his father’s name in the industry and his links, Lawrence Stroll owing the team, shall have a long term contract.

    Szafnauer also adds that they have nothing wrong with the team. They got two good drivers, and their team is seeing new heights every day. The team is on the rise and people need something to say. They got two, add two, and say it.

    Thus, It seems that Fernando Alonso is the joining Renault next season in place of McLaren’s incoming signing Daniel Ricciardo. And these series of events make it seem options are running out for Vettel now in the driver market.

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    Furious Mad
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