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    Ocon doesn’t consider racing important among crisis. & Ricciardo won’t be forced into sim racing

    Esteban Ocon seems to be pretty sure that the chances of going out of the houses to seem bleak and the chances of his returning to the F1 tracks amid crisis seem to be a funny thought and an impossible event now. The Renault driver seems to be bored at his home due to the corona crisis and lockdown effects. The Frenchman Ocon is at most locked up with his family and fiancé and doesn’t have much to do now, except watch and pray, he added. He seldom comes out of the house for a short run but he is fed up with these short laps and is very eager to go for a long lap and out of his house.

    The 23-year-old F1 track driver is utilizing his time for further developing his passion in the downtown for sim racing. He says he is practicing on the sim and uses it daily. Just before the cancellation of the 2020 season opener at Australia, Ocon brought a shock to everyone thereby appearing in a black face mask at Melbourne. To this, he explained that he wanted to err on the side of caution. He wasn’t serious with this till he had heard from a McLaren engineer about it in the news. Followed a flick of a switch in the mindset of his. Since then, he is most concerned with not getting sick. Hence, Racing is no longer important here.

    2. Ricciardo won’t be forced into sim racing

    There is news from May 7th, Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul stated that he will not force Daniel Ricciardo to get into the online sim racing. Australian Ricciardo, who is spending his time with his family at the family farm outside Perth during the corona crisis doesn’t consider it a good idea to spend much time on simulators and online stuff like online racing at home.

    He added that before he knew, he was missing the training sessions. Soon, he felt, the training was more productive for him. However, his team leader, Abiteboul, seems to be a supporter of online racing. this is mainly not to disappoint the F1 track Fans of course. It has got performance and entertainment.

    They are in close contact with such a phenomenon and describe it fortunate to have young smart sim drivers. It made sense and they are on it. This will keep the link with the fans and will help and bring up the comparison. But, this doesn’t mean that he will force anything to the regular drivers. There is liberty all around and people like to stay true to themselves and their likes and career.

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