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    On My Block season 4 likely to come soon

    On My Block is a comedy TV web series. The first season was released in March 2020 on Netflix. The second season premiered in March 2019 followed by third in April 2019. This series has gained a sudden increase in popularity and has entered the list of top 10 series on Netflix. It’s an epic drama series in which friendship of a squad and their antics are loved by the audience. The audience is now eagerly waiting for the fourth season.

    Season 4 Cast

    The storyline of season 4 will be the continuation of the previous seasons and as of now no changes in the cast are reported. Hence, the cast in season 4 might include the previous cast as follows:

    • Sierra Capri as Monse Finnie 
    • Jason Genao as Ruby Martinez
    • Brett Gray as Jamal Turner
    • Diego as Tinoco as Cesar Diaz
    • Jessica Marie Gracia as Jasmine
    • Peggy Blow as Ruby’s Abuela 
    • Julio Macias as Oscar “Spooky” Diaz
    • Paula Garces as Geny Martinez

    If the new members add in the season, then they might appear in supporting roles rather than as lead characters. The squad of friends is loved by many and hence makers will once again bring them back to your screens.

    What’s There In Season 4?

    As we know that every season of this brings a high drama to its viewers. We can expect this season will be more dramatic in comparison to the previous ones. The members of the squad got engaged with other persons individually, it will be interesting whether the squad will come up together again after two years of span. The series is loved by the audience as they can relate this to their real lives, which makes this series more appealing.

    Release Date For Season 4

    Netflix has not announced any release date of On My Block season 4 officially yet. But Netflix always takes a month or two to announce the new arrivals and hence we can expect to have the new season very soon. Due to the current crisis, many releases are on hold and as soon as the situation becomes normal again, we will be having a binge of series to watch. 


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