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    One off All electric Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 dragster Unmasked

    Ford has introduced an all-electric version of its own Mustang drag car, called the Cobra Jet 1400. It eschews v 8 grunt to get a just electric drive train. This is effective at running quarter-mile times at the low-eight-second range at over 170 mph.

    As its name implies it generates 1400 horsepower along with an eye-watering 1100 lb-ft of torque. Ford has never shown any technical specifications about the drive train, saying the inverter and engine furnished by Cascadia. But just by the video above, so it sounds as if it transmits power to the brakes using a two-speed automated transmission.

    This endeavor was a struggle for many people in Ford Performance. However a struggle we adored jumping right into,” Ford Performance Motorsports manager announces.  So, therefore we’d operation benchmarks we wanted to compliment and be at right now,” he further added. It was a great job to focus on.  And so we all expect the first of several forthcoming out of we in Ford Performance Motorsports.

    This is simply not the initial factory-built electric drag car in the American manufacturer we’ve seen. Chevy introduced the one-sided eCopo Camaro in SEMA in 2018, packaging 700 horsepower and effective at quarter-mile times from the nine-second selection. It might also perform wheelies.

    The typical package of haul car chassis upgrades additionally contains. Ford has fitted with the Cobra Jet having the complete roll cage, beefier suspension, uprated brakes. And also a pair of large Mickey Thompson rear pajamas. Gleam parachute system (as available on a Top Fuel dragster), that can help to slow down the car at the very finish of the trail, together with a wheelie-bar that prevents the car from turning over after launch from the beginning line.

    Ford’s brand new all-electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 additionally pays homage to the new original factory-developed drag-racer. That the 1968 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet. This has been powered by way of a carbureted 7.0-liter v 8 engine that generated up of 400bhp; even though Ford ranked it around 330bhp in a bid to pacify insurance organizations and fool drag-strip regulators.


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