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    Online Video Games Your Kids Can Play at Home

    Online video games are not only limited to adults or the young audience. Many platforms cater to the needs of the little ones who find themselves bored at home during summer break. Not everyone can go on vacation. And in order to keep yourself entertained, you need to have something to do. Of course, with a tool like an internet at your home, how can you even get bored?

    With a super-fast internet connection at your home, you and your kids can play online video games without facing any buffering issues. With several internet service providers in the market, it could get overwhelming to pick one that truly delivers what they promise you. In this regard, Spectrum is known for its quality service in delivering lighting fast internet that is perfect for streaming of all kinds, be it heavy or light. In addition to this, this company gives you the option of parental controls. In this way, you can restrict your kid from visiting those websites that are not kid-friendly.

    So, to make your kids get to experience the world of online video games to the fullest, get a subscription to a reliable internet connection at your home.

    We understand that with so many options of games out there, you may find it hard to choose one that is truly fun and also provide a safe environment for the young players, without the need for parental supervision around the clock. This is why below we have put together a list of all those fun, entertaining, and kids’ appropriate games so you don’t have to do your research.

    • ⦁ Pokémon Sun and Moon

    For starters, all the video games of Pokémon are extremely safe for your kids to play. Not only this, but the content that is available offline is also family-friendly. This includes the newer addition to the Pokémon family – Pokémon Sun and Moon.

    It was back in the 90s when this game was launched on the Nintendo Gameboy. For offline playing, your kid can enjoy single-player, which is extremely addictive. With this game, you can keep your children busy for the whole day, while you can get all the things done that planned for the summers.

    • ⦁ Just Dance 2020

    Created by Ubisoft, Just Dance belongs to the category of video games that are super fun to play. If you want your kid to be physically active instead of sitting for too long in front of a screen, then this is probably the best fit. It will offer them entertainment while also helping them in staying active.

    The online version of this video game will have all the players dancing to the same songs as the other gamers from across the globe, and that too at the same time. Don’t worry, your kid won’t be verbally or visually communicating with other players. But it does give live updates on the scores of other dancers. This in a way, creates a sense of competition, making it even more fun to play.

    ⦁ Minecraft

    If you are looking for a game that is equally educational and entertaining then we recommend you to check out this famous game. Trust us, your kid will thoroughly enjoy it. In fact, if your kid has been playing online video games for quite some time now, then chances are, they are already well-acquainted with this game. Every kid and their friend has already played it or at least watched a streamer play it on platforms like Twitch.

    The fact that it is popular amongst young learners and teachers is enough to give you the satisfaction that this game is safe for your kids. You kid can either play the offline version that supports single-player, or they can go online and play against a group of players.

    In addition to this, your kid can share their creation with other players and they can also download the ones that are made by others. The graphics are super simple. This in a way does not make the actions too creepy to look at. However, if your kid is quite young, then they may find the zombie-like monsters a bit scary.

    • ⦁ Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

    This game is for your teenage kids. So, we wouldn’t suggest you let your little ones play it. Essentially, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is infamous for being a place for various shrieking YouTubers to launch their career. But we cannot help but appreciate the fact that this game managed to turn the mascot of Chuck E. Cheese into a monster.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted gives you a chance to explore places like pizza parlors and such. However, the catch is, that all these places are haunted. So, if your kids are grown and can sleep alone at night then you can let them play this game. If not, then this virtual reality is probably not suitable for them.

    • To Sum Up

    Whoever said that the internet has everything for everyone was completely correct. Now, your kids can stay at home during the summer break and still enjoy themselves by playing the abovementioned games. Said games don’t only provide a safe environment for your kids to stream, but they also get to learn a lot.


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