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Yamaha chief “very impressed” with world champion Hamilton’s MotoGP test

Yamaha Racing’s managing director Lin Jarvis says Lewis Hamilton”did himself proud” on his evaluation on Valentino Rossi’s 2019 Dragon Energy Yamaha MotoGP YZR-M1 at Valencia this week.

Discussing After the ride swap occasion with six-time F1 world champion Hamilton and Rossi, organized by common host Monster Energy, Jarvis said it was a chance to observe two great champions.

“It was an exceptional day,” said Jarvis. “To have Lewis together With Valentino and us, two icons of game at the moment and place, was wonderful. I’m really happy that I could be there to watch it and to enjoy it.

“I was really impressed by Lewis’ functionality Because how many four-wheel champions go out there and get in an M1, could come here, and do themselves proud? It’s rather tricky to ride a motorcycle fast on monitor and even more demanding and challenging to ride a factory MotoGP bike.”

Jarvis said his favourite moment was Hamilton was led by Rossi around The circuit, showing his lines:”What stood out to me was that the second when he and Valentino were outside, very close together, side by side on their M1s. Lewis has said that he has been a lover of MotoGP and Valentino for years.”

He added:”It was his desire to ride on track together with Valentino And also to have an M1 to be ridden by the experience one day, and he got both fantasies at precisely the same moment! It was fantastic to see that even a six-time Formula 1 world champion who has attained so many items, can realise a dream in a special occasion in this way.

“We’re also Very happy for Valentino, that had yet another chance to examine himself. He clearly thoroughly enjoyed himselfand we heard very positive comments from the Mercedes team. Overall, I think that it was a great, unique occasion.”


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