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    The Largest Car maker Maruti Suzuki to reveal electric SUV concept at Auto Expo 2020

    The biennial Auto Expo is a huge deal for India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki, and the 2020 variant of this motor show will be different.

    The carmaker is going to have a sizeable display setup and one of the stars of the stand is going to be a new electrical SUV concept.

    While details about the idea are limited, we can confirm it won’t be an electrical version of the S-Presso — as is being widely theorized online.

    The idea will preview a future SUV from Maruti, although the final production version is unlikely to be an electric-only model.

    Displaying an SUV will help Maruti pitch itself as a future-ready brandat a time when opponents like Tata and Mahindra are currently charging ahead with large plans in the industry of electric automobiles.

    Tata Motors will reveal the Nexon EV on December 19 while Mahindra has also got all-electric versions of this KUV100 and XUV300 in the pipeline.

    As a platform to Provide a, the Auto Expo has been utilized by Maruti Before Glimpse into its future goods.

    The was previewed by the R3 concept of 2010 2012’s XA Alpha, ertiga took shape and 2014’s Theory made way for its production-spec Ciaz.

    The Future S Concept from Auto Expo 2018 strategies for an SUV-like small car, which made its current appearance in the Form of this S-Presso — the home-grown brand’s rival to the Renault Kwid.


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