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Ranked: Every Formula-1 race of last year rated from worst to first

2019 F1 Season Overview
What were the worst and very best Formula 1 races of 2019? Here RaceFans readers rated every round of the 2019 championship.

2019 French Grand Prix
3.5 from 10

Paul Ricard’s second race since its return to the calendar did not Inspire much excitement.

Mercedes coasted to a one-two finish and their Eighth win in a row at the start of the season.

Just two things Interrupted the tedium: A Virtual Safety Car because of debris on the trail, and a lively four-way final lap battle involving both Renaults, Lando Norris and Kimi Raikkonen.

2019 Canadian Grand Prix
4.4 out of 10

The outcome of the Canadian Grand Prix was decided on the stewards’ controversial decision to hand Sebastian Vettel A punishment for dangerously rejoining the track went off under stress.

Vettel grabbed the line, To begin with, however, Hamilton won, sparking debate in regards to racing episodes.

2019 Spanish Grand Prix
4.6 out of 10


Mercedes cruised to another one-two in Spain, out-running Max Verstappens Red Bull.

Nor were Ferrari a danger at a track where they’d impressed During testing.

A collision between Lance Stroll and Norris brought out The Safety Toilet but the silver cars were not threatened at the restart

2019 Chinese Grand Prix

4.8 out of 10

The championship race saw a collision involving both McLaren drivers and Daniil Kvyat, which brought an early Safety Car.

Besides a Brief duel Vettel and Verstappen for third, along with a Mercedes pitting both motorists on precisely the lap, there was little action in a track which produces lots of overtaking.

2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
5.4 out of 10

The two Mercedes drivers fought Wheel-to-wheel during the first four corners.

Bottas emerged ahead While Sergio Perez jumped to fourth.

There were Lots of overtakes DRS made most of these straightforward.

The streets of Baku lacked their chaos From a collision involving Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo and the Renault driver turned to his former team partner.

2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
5.6 from 10

Yas Marina’s Reputation as a zone is infamous.

Passing was created Even more difficult as a technical problem supposed DRS was inaccessible for the first 18 laps of this race.

Midfield house while Sainz at the other McLaren lunged down the interior of Nico Hulkenberg for its last stage, clinching sixth in the drivers’ championship

2019 Russian Grand Prix

5.8 from 10

A day for Ferrari.

The opening lap saw Vettel sweep by Leclerc for its direct while Grosjean, Ricciardo, and Giovinazzi collided.

However, the had arranged Ferrari lap position-swap Team, and back he denied, when Vettel was told to give the place.

The Swapped the pair through the pits, but soon after Vettel rejoined a digital systems failure put him out.

That caused a VSC period, Handing the win to Hamilton who managed to create his pit stop at no cost.

2019 Singapore Grand Prix
6.2 out of 10

Another Race indicated by Ferrari’s questionable driver management.

Leclerc headed From the beginning, but retained the rate extremely slow to frustrate their rivals’ alternatives.

He ran in, when Vettel pitted from third Air and jumped leaving Leclerc miserable and confused with the strategies of Ferrari.

An accident between Russell and Vettel went to claim his victory of the year, although the Safety Car was brought out by Grosjean.

2019 Monaco Grand Prix
6.3 out of 10

Leclerc spent the opening stages of his home race desperately trying to Fightback through the field with a few overtakes.

Eventually, he While attempting to pass Hulkenberg tapped the wall and he picked up a puncture.

Hamilton complained about his tires because he had been under constant pressure from Verstappen in the latter phases of the race and the Red Bull driver tried a movement at the chicane, but despite a few contacts, Hamilton remained ahead to triumph.

A penalty for tangling with Bottas In the pits dropped Verstappen off the podium.

2019 Australian Grand Prix

6.3 from 10

Bottas Jumped Hamilton off the line and controlled the race exhibited just how much faster they were than the remainder of the field.

Gasly struggled for Red Bull in his first race, ending.

2019 Mexican Grand Prix
6.6 out of 10

Hamilton And Verstappen made contact allowing the two Ferraris, who began to escape at the front.

Verstappen Because Bottas was overtaken by him throughout the scene section, then picked up a puncture.

Ferrari put their drivers on plans that are different, Losing out to Hamilton, who made an ancient pit stop.

2019 Japanese Grand Prix
6.9 out of 10

Bottas and Vettel for the direct immediately passed before Verstappen and Leclerc collided, causing damage.

Bottas Extended his lead and ended 13 seconds before Vettel who managed to keep half a second to Hamilton behind at the line.

2019 United States Grand Prix
7 from 10

Vettel, Who dropped five positions on the opening lap, started second and suffered a suspension failure eight laps later.

Bottas dominated out After pitting more than his teammate front, but needed to pass Hamilton for the win.

Hamilton maintained his sixth world title in second Place with Verstappen following carefully.

2019 Belgian Grand Prix
7.4 from 10

The race went ahead in the shadow of the prior day’s tragedy, in That Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert was fatally hurt.

On the Opening lap, Verstappen and Raikkonen touched forcing Raikkonen to pit early and sending the Red Bull.

Leclerc converted Pole into his first win despite a challenge from Hamilton in F1.

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix
8 out of 10

Verstappen maintained Hamilton supporting but despite fierce pressure after both ceased for new tires and began on a pole.

But, Hamilton still couldn’t create an overtake pole so the team opted to two-stop and with four laps remaining he passed Verstappen on the outside of turn one for the success.

2019 Italian Grand Prix
8.2 out of 10


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