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    Red Bull must consider all next races as ‘Cup Final’, says Horner.

    The F1 races are totally different from a game of football, still, Christian Horner keeps some words in the mouth. According to him, there is a big deal of uncertainty around the Grand Prix season 2020 to be a revision. And thus, it will be like winning a final cup for the Red bull Team. They shall be too close to this situation, trying to win their first cup since 2013.
    According to the situations prevailing this Sunday in Austria, Mercedes did have a big car advantage. But there is something which makes Horner convince that Verstappen who began second, moved on to demote Lewis in fifth. But due to some electrical issues, there came an end to his race in lap 14.

    He also directs us that we can count on a win for Max Verstappen, on seeing the later incident of some errors with Valtteri’s car tires. According to him, their strategy was a good one. They were also sharp and strong in the game until it was alive. He just regrets that there are no points to show those pieces of stuff.

    He is confident that he can take the battle this time to Mercedes. And the results like Alex Albon missing out the second place even to victory after a spin, his choices shall be more confident. He praises the Mercedes for the winter work, but he is sure that if he manages some work with the balance of the car, they can make a hopeful approach to the races.

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