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    Renault’s Leadership Is Behind Formula 1 Poor Performance

    This happened despite the recruiting of a multi-time race winner in Daniel Ricciardo. In the aftermath of completing P4 in the 2018 Constructors’ Championship, 2019 end up being a stage back. While the manufacturer had to agree to P5, Renault F1 which supplies the motor showed indications of the advancement of them to take that place. The team experienced difficulty taking advantage of its upgrades in 2019. One is brought to its house race in Paul Ricard. That provoked a substantial survey of this institution, which reasoned Renault needed some rebuilding. As rearranging staff around, it has contracted previous McLaren engineer Pat Fry for a senior job.

    Renault F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul said an exercise Renault F1 had heard was that the requirement for much more grounded bearing on the specialized front. He added that there have been variables having an impact on everything.

    Abiteboul said the French Grand Prix redesign disillusionment featured an idea issue. The entryway started to update it in the constructors’ title.

    2019 Season for Renault F1

    The 2019 year was a mere disappointment for Renault F1 team. The team finished in the 5th position. McLaren that procures its motor from Renault F1 procured the position. As the staff is fighting with pace and aerodynamics Remi Taffin explained that he is convinced that Ferrari F1 is ahead of Renault F1 concerning engine performance. In addition to this, he also stated that Mercedes F1 and Honda’s power units are supporting Renault’s.


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