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    Russell jokes to make Lewis Hamilton regret of his crucial racing advice.

    George Russell tells us, he got some valuable lessons from Lewis Hamilton. He considers then very fine for a driver skill. But now, he jokes to use the same tactics he leaned against the world champion. Now, we must know that he is going to race against him in the world Champion in F1 races. He hopes he can use the very information to beat his one-time partner, the Mercedes star.

    He had this conversation while he was going for the second season with Williams and former F2 rival Nicholas. When he was asked about any pivotal advice given, he referred to the above. He hesitated for a moment and said that he got one at F2 earlier by Lewis Hamilton. That time, of course, he won over 2018 F2 season runner up Lando Norris, with Red Bull’s Alex Albon and Williams teammate Latifi. This time, he is going to keep an eye over Hamilton himself.

    He said that he wanted to go out of the car and wishes he could make him regret one day for his piece of advice. And it seems, the very piece of wisdom shared by Hamilton was a very valuable one. We are clear of this as the driver didn’t wart to share any further details on the same. He said that it was time he was talking to his engineers, and he came and told him something about the tires and how he could get more from them. He clarified, it was a missing piece from his start of a career and pushed him from F2 tracks towards F1 as well.

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