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Sebastian Vettel has the ability to reinvent, after a year off says, Webber

Webber was with Sebastian Vettel for at least 94 Grand Prix. He was there with him on nine victories and the Multi 21 incident. This makes it quite sure that his ex-mate, Mark Webber knows his red Bull partners very well. And he suggests and believes that the four-time champion, Vettel, will be different in decisions. He may take a year off after leaving Ferrari for one year. And during this time, he is going to reinvent himself. He will surely come back to tracks after that.

Last month, Ferrari modified us about Vettel’s departure from the team at the end of the season. They also gave us the news that Carlos Sainz will be stepping up to fill the position. And till he wins the championship for the Italian company, the German driver leaves Maranello. He will seem to have failed to get them a championship, for the Italian outfit. Webber suggests that he might be wary of the environment at Ferrari, but Scuderia is going to miss him for sure after his departure.

He may lack the motivation for the red car, but they are going to lack his experience and vision. But he will rejuvenate after a year off, he may. He did have a few tough times. Webber himself retired in 2013 as the most experienced Red Bull player, when he knew times were too challenging for him now.


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