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Oki100, an E-motorcycle, to be produced in India, with local supply.

Okinawa, set in New Delhi has announced the start of production of Oki100, its first electric motorcycle. The EV maker has added that except...

Kawasaki Endeavor electric Motorcycle details emerge

Kawasaki is really on the right track to eventually become the initial big Japanese manufacturer to offer you a powered motorcycle. The business is...

Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle Price At- 3.00 Lakhs

Ultraviolette Automotive is the most recent firm to combine the bikes makers. Their version called as F77 has been showcased by ultraviolet, it's essentially...

India’s First Electric Bike To Be Launching Soon: Tork T6X

It is the very first time in that Tork T6X has been spied testing in the country. While looking at it the model features...

The Alluring Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle

Ultraviolette Automotive launches its first electric automobile, F77, in three varied versions of The F77 Lightning, F77 Shadow, and F77 Laser. The F77 prices...

Evoke Urban Classic-The Most powerful Electric Bike In This Price Segment

Evoke Monboardles, one of the youngest brands of motorcycles, is a Beijing-based manufacturer of smart electric motorcycles. It was officially founded in 2014 in...

Emflux one: The electric and sports Bike of the year

It is observed that Emflux motors are the first electric superbike in India. In December 2k19, the bike is expected to launch. The expected...

New Featured Electric Tork T6X Motorcycle

The first electric Motorcycle going to set in motion in the Indian market is Tork T6X. The Motorcycle has the best features. The Bike...