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Evoke Urban Classic-The Most powerful Electric Bike In This Price Segment

Evoke Monboardles, one of the youngest brands of motorcycles, is a Beijing-based manufacturer of smart electric motorcycles. It was officially founded in 2014 in Beijing, China, but had been in operation developing electric motorcycles since 2012.

It was in June 2017, and Evoke Motorcycles were chosen as one of the 5 most exciting production houses in the country. Following the legacy of the company, the company has revealed the much-anticipated model in it’s line-up, the new evoke urban classic.

The new model is powered by a monstrous 19000W electric motor, that is never seen in the previous models. This bike features a completely electric drivetrain with a range of 200 km for a single charge. The new urban classic features an all-new and improved digital console and featuring an all-new double disc brake with tubeless tires.

The motor produces a maximum torque of 116.6 Nm and an improved electric body type with a naked body frame and new improved chassis. The bikes miss an important feature of ABS but instead, the braking system includes a combi brake system.

The bike features 3 different driving modes namely Eco, City and Pro mode which can be adjusted by the driver with the push of a button. The motor type is a Hub motor, mated to an automatic transmission system with a self start switch, with a high-temperature resistant cooling technology.

The bike also features a dual onboard charger with a SMART battery management system with a 12-volt battery back-up facility. The suspension in the front features a 42mm inverted fork with dual shock and a single mono-shock as it’s a rear suspension. All the signal lights, headlights and tail lights consist of LED lights. The battery type in the vehicle is Lithium-Ion with a battery capacity of 72.9 Ah and 103.6V.

The new model sports an Evoke’s onboard fast charger, it only takes 3 hours to charge 80%. Not only the charging is supported by standard household outlets, allowing Evoke riders a convenient way to charge up without access to a charging station. The new model is yet to be revealed in the market, but rumors and leaks suggest that the bike must be price tagged at 6.5 lakhs(ex. showroom price).


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