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The Compact sedan of Renault

The move from the Renault has ben since a long time. They have came up with a new series of car in India. The Company is all set to bring up the new Renault HBC and the sub 4 meter SUV by 2020. The compact Sedan by the French Automaker will be out soon and it will challenge best for the Honda Amaze.

The Renault ha ben planning long since to launch a n Indian specific Sea and to export it to niche market. These will include Latin America and Africa. The smart move by the company is trying to introduce a model. AND it will be mainly for exports and gain from them and their market shares.

It has to face a lot of competition in the market of Compact sedan such as Maruti dzire, Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze, etc. The compact sedan is yet to make its debut among private buyers. But it holds a good amount of importance in taxi and country side segments. The past years made us see Dzire, Xcent and Amaze in Ola and Uber in huge numbers. As per regulation, the 4 meter sedan is going to speed further with the same speed as before.

The upcoming compact sedan will be based on CMF-A platform and unpinning Renault’s Triber and will lay outputs for Renault HBC subcompact SUV and other models of Nissan. However a lot of tough competition is up for the vehicle and the compact sedans. Hard way laid for Renault and a lot of features and costing is required for a head start in the market. There is also an increase in the demand of compact SUV in the market. And this will be the worst for French automakers surprise.
The speculation allows French Automaker to launch the sedan by 2021. And it is going to be powered by 3 cylinders of 1.0 turbocharged engine of petrol. The Segment earlier mentioned has grown by a total of 12 per cent in 2019 after a ass whooping of 4.6 lakhs units.


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