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The Alluring Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle

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Ultraviolette Automotive launches its first electric automobile, F77, in three varied versions of The F77 Lightning, F77 Shadow, and F77 Laser. The F77 prices at the range for Rs 3  lakhs – 3.25 lakhs. 

The F77 stands to be  India’s first performance-oriented electric motorcycle. The F77 comes with an air-cooled motor that produces a maximum power output of 25kW (33.5hp) at 2,250rpm and a remarkable torque of 90Nm.

F77 features a significant speed of 0-60kph time of 2.9sec, a 0-100kph time of 7.5sec, and that the bike will be capable of a top speed of 147kph.

The three power modes Eco, Sport, and Insane enhances the performance of F77.  F77  ensures the riders to shift for the classic adventures with the battery of a maximum capacity of 4.2kWh.

The Battery comprises of three slim lithium-ion battery packs, and the entire unit takes 5 hours to charge fully with the standard charger, while the fast charger will do it in 1.5 hours.

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The F77 has reached a range of 130-150km on a full charge. The battery system empowers with the latest automated technologies of safety, thermal and battery management features, and with latest patented technologies.

The F77 runs on a steel trellis frame with an aluminum head suspended on a USD fork and pre-load adjustable mono-shock absorbers.

F77  features a 320mm front disc and a 230mm rear disc with dual-channel ABS for better security and comforts. Considering its performance-oriented intentions, it gets steel-braided brake lines and 110/70 R17 (front) and 150/60 R17(rear) tyres.

Its configuration resembles that of sporty ICE bikes in the segment. The F77 will come with accessories like a portable fast charger, crash guards, panniers, and a different visor.

The unique thing about F77  is that we can calculate how much power and torque are being transmitted at any given point of time. The F77  can be connected to an app that offers you a host of information and allows for customization. The F77 will feature a 9 DOF (Degree of Freedom) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This provides how much braking force and lean angle you are carrying into a corner.

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F77  is quite lightweight, with a kerb weight of 158kg, and has an accessible seat height of 800mm.

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Registrations for the F77 have already started on 13  of this month, with  deliveries are set to begin in the third quarter of 2020, with initial sales planned exclusively for Bangalore.

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