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Kia Soul to debut on India roads soon?

Kia motors consider launching Soul in the Indian market, soon. The subcompact crossover SUV has been in the International Long since 2014. And after debuting...

Kia’s electric concept to clash with Porshce Taycan.

Kia is now into electric vehicles. Kia Motors announces a new segment to compete with an unbeaten rival, Porsche Taycan. It will launch an...

Kia Seltos became expensive in january, prices went up by 35 thousand rupees

Last year, South Korean auto company Kia Motors launched the Seltos in India. With the launch, people took this car hands-on. However, now in...

Hyundai Aura Subcompact Sedan: A True Competition To Major Rivals In The Market

Counted as one of the major automobile brands in India, the Hyundai Motor Company, is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer situated primarily situated...