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Tesla’s New Super Amazing Pickup Truck

The CEO of Tesla decided a date for the first appearance electric car makers first pickup. The new truck design is taken from the...

Why one should own or not own a Tesla Electric Car?

I have said a lot of good thongs about Tesla and now, here I am, to make you a FREAK. The Tesla is all...

Tesla A Tough Competitor , VW CEO Says

Volkswagen and Tesla may be bitter rivals on the electric vehicle market. Still, when it comes to the CEO of two companies Herbert Diess...

The Evolving technology of Self-driving cars and digitization

The self-driving cars, which infer as autonomous or driver less vehicles, will have a crucial part in transportation. The term self-driving cars refer that human...

2020 Tesla Roadster: The much anticipated car rolling out soon

One of the most innovation-driven companies across the globe, Tesla Inc., is an American automobile and energy company based in Palo Alto, California and...