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    Tesla: Tesla Roadster SpaceX-Derived Thrusters Confirmed by Musk

    It’s impossible to put the Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Roadster next to each other and claims that they are designed. Probably it produced by the same company.

    Both cars look totally opposite of one another. The sports car is having a rounded sleek looking body design. This is an impossibly sexy vehicle that will make even the best Italian designer blush. While the truck is special and leaves it to that.

    Design And Features:

    Yes these are the two models that Musk’s planning to release together with Tesla Semi. This seems to have taken a step back since the Cybertruck announcement. So it is tough to read Musk’s poker face it was between when he’s being serious and when he’s exaggerating things.

    But he proves over the time that he will do anything to pull through even the most ridiculous promises. After all, let us not forget that another one of his companies produced and sold a flamethrower for no apparent reason.

    Tesla Roadster SpaceX-Derived Thrusters

    However, it looks as though as there’s an internal competition between future Tesla models that can shock the public the most with their first appearance. So the electric pickup relied on its pointy visuals for that. But before this the Roadster went on completely different routes. It just punches everyone in the face with its absurd specifications. Only the Musk will drop the bomb later by saying those were the performance figures for the vehicle’s base-model.

    Tesla Roadster SpaceX-Derived Thrusters

    In a short period of time after that, talk of a SpaceX Package emerged. It was not long until thrusters were mentioned. On the other hand, Tesla flagship benefits the sister company’s pursuit of space exploration. As it uses technology developed for rockets to make it faster to go on regular roads on Earth.

    The Roadster supposes to accelerates 60mph in just 1.9 seconds to a top speed of over 250 mph. The maximum ranges expand beyond the 620 miles mark. The cost of the car is around $100,000.


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