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The Boys Season 2: New Clip Reveal and The Release Date is Finally Confirmed

The latest tweet by The boy’s official Twitter accounts officially announced the release date of the second season. So the next season will officially premiere on 4th September on Amazon Prime. The official Twitter accounts also released a hilarious announcement video in the boys. The announcement is followed by the revelation of a new clip from The boys Season 2. The clip introduces a new member of The Seven, Stormfront. In official streaming on Amazon Prime, titled The boys United it gave a glimpse of the first 3 minutes of the Season 2.

First Impression and Plot details we know so far.

The boys are an r rated parody of the Superhero genre. It offers a unique and gruesome perspective of the Superhero world. The boys are a group of lunatics and heartbroken men, they are hell-bent on eliminating The Seven and it’s leader Homelander, even if it means planting a bomb into a superhero. This series is set in a corporate world where Superheroes exists to do PR stunts, advertisement. The corporate giant has a complete monopoly over this Superhero Management business. It’s a cruel world where most of the people want to rely on faux hope, and they are brainwashed followers, victims of the corporate propaganda machine, they find the ultimate solace in buying superhero merchandise. The seven, or the parody version of DC’s Justice League(it’ so dark to be The Avengers Parody), they’re the ultimate heroes of the world; their cruelty goes unnoticed as collateral damage.

The Boys Season 2

It has a lot of blood and gore but its fun to watch. The cast has done an amazing job, which includes the extraordinary performances by Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, leader of the boys Homelander, played by Antony Starrs, a lesser-known talented actor from New Zealand.

The Boys Season 2 Season 3 release date, latest updates

The first season of the show was well received by the viewers and critics alike. It was the most popular show offered by thee Amazon prime last year. Fans are really hyped up for the premiere of the next season. Amazon Prime has confirmed that The Boy Season 2 will premiere on 4th September.

Amazon prime has big plans for The Boys Universe, and It’s official that a movie is in works. It will be a Justice League and Avengers inspired Superhero crossover movie.


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