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    The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

    The Handmaid’s Tale is a well-known web series that flows on Hulu. It was adapted from the novel by Margaret Atwood published in the calendar year 1985.

    The Handmaids are the few fertile girls left in the world. This collapsed infertility around the world has directed the ruling authorities of Gilead to enslave women to procure more power by birthing an heir through the handmaids.

    Strictly after season three’s completion, the fourth season was declared, and the viewers were highly anticipated since the season 3 finale was left on a cliffhanger. The finale ends with June being taken and left behind the fellow handmaidens escape. Moreover, the children succeed in escaping to Canada as well. Meanwhile, Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) has been arrested.


    Some theories have been doing the rounds; for instance, the viewers are contemplating if June will die since she was taken by one of those Gilead’s guards. Nevertheless, these theories are just that- theories. To put them to rest Bruce Miller told Vanity Fair that the series would finish in case June dies. So, neither June dies, nor the show ends.

    Fans are also questioning if June will return to Gilead, which could be true since she doesn’t have any other option. On the contrary, Moss said, “I am not certain how she goes back to Gilead following this”. The story-line regarding this is unknown, but it’s June we are talking about- she will getaway.


    No new information has been passed onto us by any new characters joining the present cast. At the same time, there will lay a chance of a new commander going into the show since June will not be permitted to return to Commander Lawrence’s house after everything she’s done. If June has to return, she might have to serve another leader or a commander.

    Release Date

    At first, the fourth year was believed to create a look around the 2020 summer. Although, it was later shown in January that the forthcoming season would broadcast in autumn, 2020 before the COVID-19 spread across the world. The season is said to have ten episodes incomplete, unlike the 3rd season that had thirteen.


    There’s no such information about a trailer landing anytime soon, but if we get some, we will remember to update you. The main reason for not getting the trailer is since the shooting had come to stop midday.

    The cast was shooting in Canada at the moment when the pandemic news broke out and consequently, they had to stop and take everyone’s health and safety under the account. Moss said she was in the middle of her leadership of the episode when they had to break the shoot.


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