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    The Hamilton Austrian GP strategy backfires; benefits Bottas’ game.

    The F1 races return with a massive deal of enthusiasm and high octane thriller. And its result is the win for Mercedes’ Valterri Bottas. He is followed by Charles Leclerc Ferrari and Lando Norris’ s McLaren. But what makes to his victory is a charismatic story to read. Of course, the race is the sum of many crucial decisions and choices, and they decide the race. Let’s track it a bit back to get a clear idea.

    The red Bull Ring is significant among those circuits, where you can quickly gain a good lap time from the slipstream. But generally, teams leave it up to the driver to find a way to the tow once on the field. Usually, Mercedes shuffle who shall stand first on row, but this one is not the one where it gets the benefits. This time, Lewis chose to stay back, and gain from Botta’s tow. It was all the yellow flags. As Bottas rolled out on the grass, he did not join the track for some time and stayed on the grass. Hence, the yellow flags were out for some moment only. And Lewis didn’t join the temporary position- an offence. It was clear in the footage.

    The match was to be a different one is he took his temporary position on the front row. That might help him in taking the lead as well. He was in the right place after the incident with 8 s adrift from Bottas.

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    Furious Mad
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