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    The marginal Increase In the Tractor of Escorts

    In October 2018, 12867 units had sold by the company. In New Delhi, Farm Types of equipment manufacturer Escorts on Friday reported that a marginal increase of 1.3 per cent in tractor sales to 13034 units sold in October 2k19. So the overall Tractor sold were 13353 units last month against 13140 units, which is an uptick of 1.6 per cent.

    Since escort is tractor maker company, the most use of Tractor is to carry materials from one place to another and also in the agriculture field. Escorts make many tractors. 

    There are many models of escort tractors which are:

    1. Escorts Steeltrac
    2. Escorts Powertrac 425 DS
    3. Escorts Powertrac 425 N
    4. Escorts Powertrac 425
    5. Escorts Powertrac ATOM 26
    6. Escorts Ferrari K30 RS 4WD
    7. Escorts Powertrac 434
    8. Escorts Powertrac 434 and many more.

    If we talk about the specification of Escort Steeltrac then:

    The engine HP of the Tractor is 14 whereas the engine displacement CC is 611. It uses Diesel fuel type. There is only one cylinder. There is a total of 8 forward gears and 2 reverse Gears. It has dry disc brakes, and the clutch type used in the Tractor is dry Friction Plate. It could manually drive. 

    The lifting capacity of the standard frame is 500kg. The overall weight of the Tractor is 890kg, and the ground clearance is 280mm. 

    The features of Escorts powertrac 425 DS are:

    The Tractor produces power of maximum 25 HP. The total weight of the Tractor is 1785kg. The dimensions of the wheelbase are 1875mm. The fuel tank capacity of the Tractor is 50liters. The Tractor has two cylinders, and the cubic capacity of the Tractor is 1560CC. Same as Escort Steeltrac It also contains 8 forward gear and 2 reverse gear. The gearbox placed at the central shift of the Tractor. The maximum speed of the Tractor is 34.1KMPH.

    Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma is a student at Chandigarh group of Colleges, Mohali pursuing Computer Science Engineering and has a great interest in writing, research and modelling.


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