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It was late 2019 when we announced that at the Tokyo Auto Show Mazda adding an all-new EV into its range and that model. Somewhat based on the e-TPV 2 concept and the CX-30 – turned out to the MX-30 EV. The trouble is that the MX-30 doesn’t have a huge battery pack.


With a battery weight of 35,5 kWh concealed in an all-new design. The MX-30 lies between the Hyundai Ioniq (28 kWh) and the Nissan Leaf (40 kWh). At the time, we wondered why we wanted a single-rotor rotary engine as a range extender. With a range of 130 miles, the MX-30 is just not appropriate for most people here in the United States. Yeah, the MX-30 also has a door design that pays homage to the Mazda RX-8. And so it truly blends into the big stuff system.

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Now, a recent Mazda announcement all but suggests that the very same Mazda 2 EV concept single-rotor engine\range extender will make its way into the MX-30 as, you guessed, a range extender.

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As stated earlier, the 143-horsepower electric motor of the MX-30 draws out power from the tiny battery pack. And provides just 130 miles of range per charge.

And, so far, no proposals have made to carry the MX-30 to the United States, although this widely assumed because it can not compete in a world full of long-range electric cars, such as the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, or the Mercedes EQC. When Mazda simply transplants a compact rotary into the CX-30, purely as a range extender, that can kill three birds with one stone. That avoids the problems associated with range anxiety. And removes the pressure of having to waste large periods in charging stations for longer journeys.

We should look back at the Mazda2 concept, as an example of how the rotary functions as a range extender. The single-rotor engine in that car just displaced 0.333 liters and produced only 38 horsepower (28 kW). It weighed just 220 pounds and fitted with a compact 2.3-gallon gas tank.

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