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    With COVID-19 safeguards Honda reopenes Wuhan plant

    Honda Motors has announced that its Wuhan, China manufacturing plant now runs at full capacity. The center, which was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic in late January. It had started operations in stages on March 11, 2020.

    According to a Reuters article, Honda’s plant has taken a range of protective steps to counter the danger of COVID-19. Such as numerous temperature checks across the factory. And large signs warning staff to maintain a distance of more than a meter. During plant closure, the 12,000. So returning employees were also asked to report their location and conditions.

    The average production goals for the factory-raised by 17 percent (from 1,060 units to 1,237 units) to account for the lost time. The staff so also asked to work an additional 1.5 hours a day (over their usual 8-hour shifts).

    The Wuhan plant is a joint venture (JV) between Honda and Dongfeng Motor Company, one which last year produced eight lakh vehicles. This isn’t the only JV Honda in China, though, as its Guangzhou plants run as a JV with the GAC Group. Such facilities also perform additional shifts.

    Considering that Wuhan was the initial epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. The steady reopening of its boundaries, industries. And industrial facilities represent a significant milestone in recovery from the epidemic.

    Why coronavirus hit the global automotive sector: a timeline

    The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. So, which emerged in Wuhan, China at the end of December 2019. It is quickly expanding its tentacles around the globe and has a significant effect on all facets of society. Including the automotive industry. Throughout January and February, manufacturers and their vendors have been working to keep car assembly lines running. But so March has seen the sector taking proactive steps to keep its workers secure by government advisories.

    Despite the World Health Organization calling the spread of COVID-19 a pandemic. So, an unparalleled environmental catastrophe is on the verge. Automotive and part assembly plants so shuttered around the world. With customer footfalls in showrooms have fallen significantly. As car prices declining drastically and almost every big event in the industry either scrapped or going digital.


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